Voters Club Official Rules

A) We DON'T vote spam, scam and low quality articles.
B) Only one order per article/newspaper is allowed. (we don’t take responsibility for doubled orders)
C) Members must NOT leave comments of Spam,Insults, Pornography, Vulgarity or Racism please also do not post about customer ordering votes or subs, this is an automatic ban, also

you are responsible for your voters club account, please do NOT ask anyone else to use it, only you and you alone is allowed to, your voting and subbing is linked to your profile you are NOT allowed to ask anyone else to vote for you, you must NOT use 2 erepublik accounts to vote our rules are simple 1 vote allowed per order that’s all you are allowed

Customers have the right to contact us regarding SPAM you leave on their ordered articles if you spam their ordered article we will ban you

1) you must only create 1 account on voters club
During the Payment Process citizens are checked for more than 1 Voters club account, if you are found with more than 1 you will be banned
( you are not allowed to use the same profile link on more than 1 Voters Club Account, each citizen profile must be linked to their own erepublik profile and no one else)

2) 1 vote / sub is allowed per order
we ask you to vote honestly, when orders are moderated if we find more than 1 vote / sub by a citizen 1 will be removed, you are NOT allowed to ask friends to vote for you, you must only use your vote from your own erepublik account

Our system will alert us if you insert a vote that was already previously entered

Fake voting will get you banned

Important Note: if a customer orders more than once for an article or newspaper and you have already voted/subbed it please click on Mark as already voted

3) rules for Face Book orders
we permit the maximum of 15 Facebook accounts to be used per order, each Facebook Account must have the following

1:) Profile Picture
2:) Account must be at least 1 Month old
3:) at least 50 friends
4:) Content

5:) The account must have a "real name"and shouldn't include "erepublik" in the name ( doesn't have to have your name , only needs to be beliveable )

we advise that accounts are at least 1 month old before used in competition voting, standard fan-page likes are fine as long as account has not bee created the same day

please ensure you take a Screen Shot of your vote(s) in Face Book, you will need this until payment or if removed, your are held responsible for voting correctly and reading Google document instructions

4) Donation Rules on Payout


it is very important that you understand they are not slaves / robots and don’t work 24hr 7 days a week, it can take up to 5 days before you receive your earnings so please be patient as sometimes there are delays and they are humans that have a life outside of erepublik too, if you want to dispute a payment not being sent please be warned our team will contact eRepublik admins here  or on #erepublik  once they receive confirmation you will be contacted and donated only if admins confirm no donation was made, however please be aware if you lie its a possible ban on voters club



our moderators may also be using eRepublik Donations Logger+ which logs all donations that are sent our, this recoed the eDay and eTime of eRep, we keep these logs for 2 weeks at the most

in most cases if an error occurs when you accept a donation please try to log into erepublik using eRepublik’s default link do not change the language

if you have any questions about rules please ask