Voters Club Currently has 5 Moderators + 1 Owner Active on #Voters they are there to accept your orders if you pay them

Naluteniot  ( Owner )
Voters club Owner Naluteniot has employed 5 moderators to help run the day to day tasks of running the service ( Moderator Manager )




Behated   ( Moderator )


Amrod666 ( Moderator )

                                                        The Count of M0nte Cristo(moderator)                                                                            

What can the Moderators help you with ?

- Activate an Order – only if donation is sent to the individual you want to accept the order
- Create Order for you
- Change Password
- Responsible for Sending Earnings
- Inform you the reason if you are banned
- advice you if needed


one of the moderators listed above will aim to pay your earnings within 3 days of the process being active, is a payment is late please don't worry, sometimes they can be busy moderating orders or just popped out for a few hours, you may visit #voters to enquire or request your earnings