How to Register

Register Here

1) Login
Please use your eRepublik User name please do not make up a user name that is not relevant to your citizen profile, using your own citizen name will make it easier for us to locate you on our system

2) Password
please do not use simple passwords that other users can easily guess, please do not use common passwords, we suggest that you use a random password generator  a list of good password managers can be found HyperLink  

3) Verify Password

this must match your first password

4) eRepublik Profile link
its important that you use the full path to your profile, please ensure that your profile link matches your login. The link need to be on english version, ending with /en instead of your local language


How to Vote

1) Order Number
 if you have an issues with orders please keep note of the order number, the best place to report any issues is by visiting our IRC channel #Voters channel on IRC
2) Order Link
this is click-able and will open in a new window, if there is an issue with the link, please note the order number and report the issue on #Voters channel on IRC
3) Order Type
its important that you look at the order type, there will be 2 optionsvotes,subs,custom order
4) Order payment
this is your earnings for voting an order, if you notice a mistake please contact us on #Voters channel on IRC
5) Enter your Vote / Sub numbers
please be aware we have a rule that you must vote 1 time in any order that is either an article or newspaper, the maximum other custom or will be 5
 please also be aware that our system will alert us if you enter a number that has already been used, you will receive the following message if this happens
 (Specified Order No with same Vote/Sub number already exist Violation is reported, Admins are contacted)



A ) Show Price List
please check the prices before you order, orders will not be accept if no payment is sent
we do not accept gold as part of the payment

1 ) eRepublik Profile name
Please use your eRepublik Citizen Name or Full Profile Link

2 ) I want to order
Please ensure you select the correct amount of Votes or Subs
I want to order


above shows 4 options ensure you select the correct category, each category has its own price set, if you make a mistake you can always reorder our mods will be happy to cancel your old order

3) Link of the order
it is important that you include the full url to the document, the url must start with http://

4) Comments
all comments must be in English, please be aware that members do not see this message only moderators and Owner have access to this information